Delicious Cake Creations...

Delicious Cake Creations...

The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens. Feeling inspired to step in the kitchen and get baking? See below a selection of delicious, indulgent cake recipes for you to try.

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Chocolate Indulgence...

Chocolate Fudge Cake

A heavenly Chocolate Fudge Cake with a moist sponge made from our Mirabelle Plum Conserve, milk chocolate and hints of salted caramel. Cover with an indulgent chocolate fudge cream and top with chocolate 'bark', cocoa and cherries.

Chocolate Cherry Drizzle Cake

A moreish, classic flavour combination of chocolate and cherries. This Chocolate Cherry Drizzle Cake is made using our fruity Cherry Compote, chocolate, zesty orange and French liqueur, Grand Marnier. Decorate with grated chocolate and chocolate curls.

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

This cake is rich and moist with a creamy fudge frosting made with our award-winning Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. Decorate with showstopping white chocolate shards and roasted hazelnuts. See our luscious fudge frosting recipe here.

Fabulously Fruity...

Rhubarb Crumble Cake

A deicious, golden, soft sponge with a fragrant rhubarb, elderflower and creamy mascarpone filling. Using our fruity Rhubarb Compote. For the finishing touched, top with a crisp, nutty crumble. This recipe also works well with Apricot Compote.

Lemon & Pistachio Cake

A light pistachio and lemon flavoured sponge layered together with a delicious combination of our fruity Raspberry Conserve, Wild Blueberry Conserve and whipped cream. Decorate with a mix of fresh fruits, fresh herbs and icing sugar.

Strawberry Pimms Showstopper

A moist, light sponge soaked in Pimms syrup and layered with our delicious Strawberry or Wild Strawberry Conserve and fresh, thinly cut strawberries. Top this cake with a luscious white chocolate cream decorated in freeze dried strawberries and pistachio nuts.

..and as thoughts turn to Christmas baking maybe these two delicious Christmas showstoppers should be on your list for this year's Stir Up Sunday...

Christmas Carrot Cake

A festive spin on a classic recipe - and a delicious alternative to a traditional Christmas cake - this cake is spiced with fresh ginger and layered with a creamy frosting using our Apricot Conserve. Add an adorable Christmas scene with a mini gingerbread house and fresh sprigs of rosemary.

Rednosed Reindeer Cake

This moist fruity cake made with our Apricot, Mirabelle Plum or Fig Conserve is crammed full of festive flavours of spices and fruits whilst being dairy and gluten free! Bake the mixture in small baked bean tins to make cute individual reindeer cakes to give away as gifts.


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