Mother’s Day Treats

Mother’s Day Treats

Bonne Maman - literally good mother in French – is surely the perfect partner to help make family memories this Mother’s Day. Whether you are making, baking or treating your special Maman this year, our collection of Mother’s Day inspiration is here to add love and sweetness to your celebrations.

Maybe start the day with a cosy breakfast in bed, or serve a delicious stack of heart-shaped crêpes using the adorable, limited edition Bonne Maman crêpe pan? Perhaps share a lovely afternoon tea or some homemade gifts in jars? Whatever the choice, let's make this Mother's Day an occasion filled with love, laughter, and, of course, the delicious taste of Bonne Maman.

Don’t forget if you haven’t been lucky enough to win one of our special Bonne Maman crêpe pans, there is still time to enter here. Bonne Chance!

For tips on how to make the perfect heart-shaped crêpe every time see here.

Homemade tea time treats…

Heart-shaped Financiers

A classic French biscuit recipe that little ones can experiment with to create a delightful, picture perfect Mother’s Day treat. Made with flour, icing sugar, ground almonds and egg whites, simply combined and baked to perfection. Once cooled, a small hole is made and generously filled with glossy red Strawberry Conserve and a sprinkling of pistachios for an extra special Mother’s Day treat!

Cherry Heart Cupcakes

These soft and fluffy red velvet cupcakes have a delicious Black Cherry Conserve centre, topped with irresistible butter cream icing and heart-shaped sponge cut out. The sweet little cakes can be made with any fruity Bonne Maman Conserve – simply pick your Maman’s favourite flavours. Package in a gift box for a heartfelt gift.

Love Heart Shortbreads

Simply delicious, this easy to bake recipe sandwiches together two heart-shaped buttery shortbreads with juicy, fruity Conserve. Make a shortbread selection for your Maman by using a variety of our Conserves, or mix it up a bit and spoon on a Delicious Spread - Hazelnut Chocolate, Chocolate & Orange or Caramelised Apple.

Pamper Perfection...

Bonne Maman Spa at Home

Treat your lovely Maman to some luxurious homemade beauty essentials housed in empty Bonne Maman jars. This spa-at-home gift, including ‘Pomegranate Rose Sugar Body Scrub’, ‘Eucalyptus Fresh Mint Foot Soak’ and ‘Coconut Lemongrass Lip Balm’ are simple to make using easy-to-find all natural products. Add that personal finishing touch to your Bonne Maman pamper gift set by tying name tags with a thoughtful note to your mum.

Bonne Maman Succulents Display

Get creative and recycle your Bonne Maman jars into a jarred succulent set for your plant-loving Maman. Layer up an array of coloured sand and gravel to create eye-catching home décor. Personalised cool gifting – and best of all for your mother, they require very little maintenance.

Why not present your creations in a pretty wicker basket sprinkled with dried rose petals, tied with cellophane and ribbon at the top for that extra special present – et voilà - the perfect personalised Mother's Day gift!


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