Celebrate La Chandeleur with Bonne Maman

Celebrate La Chandeleur with Bonne Maman

In France the big day for crêpes is La Chandeleur (Candlemas), a religious festival held on the 2nd February each year, when traditionally crêpes are eaten in the evening. There are many theories as to why the tradition began - some think it is a celebration of the beginning of the end of winter, some link it to Jesus' presentation in the Temple and most believe it goes back to the 5th Century when the then Pope began holding candlelit processions on that day and offering crêpes to the poor pilgrims in the city of Rome.

Whatever the reason, 2nd February is now the day of the crêpe in France...

So, if you're looking to try out some new crêpe recipes before Shrove Tuesday then why not use La Chandeleur as the perfect excuse?

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury crêpes Bonne Maman has plenty of delicious recipes for both.

Crêpes Traditionelle makes the ideal savoury crêpe option for brunch or supper. The toasted cheese, smoky ham and the subtle sweetness of fig are a perfect marriage within the delicate French crêpes.

Or, if you prefer sweet crêpes...

Crêpes Suzette is a perfect option. This 1960’s crêpe dessert is now back in fashion - and it is easy to understand why. The winning mix of delicate crêpes with the Grand Marnier citrus sauce is simply delicious, and equally simple to make at home with this quick recipe.

For both sweet and savoury ideas, find more La Chandeleur inspired recipes on our recipe page and make sure you are stocked up with your favourite Bonne Maman conserves, marmalades and spreads.


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