Garden Inspiration

Garden Inspiration

Dani recommends ‘repotting’ growing fresh herbs into her jars -

"they make a pretty, scented display, close to hand on the kitchen window ledge and it is much easier to check through the glass that you are not under or over watering".

Strawberry Saviours

Thanks to keen gardener Terry for sharing a handy new use for his left over jars –

“just perfect for keeping low hanging strawberries free from touching the ground and free from the attention of those early rising blackbirds – without endangering the loveliest early morning alarm callers (whether you wanted an alarm call or not)”.

Magical Garden Parties

Jars are adding twinkling atmosphere at parties across the UK too. Janette decorated her garden with

“pretty ‘glow worm’ jars for a party”

...and Marianna designed her own “vases with floating tea light and dotted them along the raised boarders in the garden. They were magical”.

Glad the parties were a great success.


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